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Essential goods to make a house a home.

Starter packs

Starter Packs

Moving into a new tenancy can be an exciting, but daunting time for many. Having the funds to purchase all the essentials to make a house a home is something many people will not be able to afford - this is where Fresh Start can help.

We have a number of starter packs available to help set up your new home or to help sustain your tenancy if you are experiencing financial difficulties.

Our standard essential packs consist of bedding, curtains, towels, crockery, pots and pans, small electrical items, cleaning materials, toiletries, and basic food packs.

We also offer a number of other items that are kindly donated such as toastie makers/grills, hairdryers, food mixers/blenders, microwaves, TVs, lamps, irons, vacuum cleaners, and artwork.

Please see below to see what items we accept:

Dishes and Cutlery • Dinner Plates • Side Plates • Bowls • Cutlery • Glass Tumblers • Mugs • Tea-Towels

Cleaning Items • Washing Up Liquid • Toilet Cleaner • Toothbrushes • Toothpaste • Hand Soap • Toilet Rolls • Bin Bags & Liners • Dustpan & Brushes • All Purpose Cleaners • Laundry Tablets • J-Cloths

Pots and Pans • Soup Pots • Frying Pans • Milk Pans • Cooking Utensils • Can Openers • Potato Peelers • Wooden Spoons

Bed Linen and Towels • Single, Double & King Duvet Covers • Duvets • Pillows • Pillow Cases • Blankets • Towels • Curtains • Face Cloths

Small Household Electric Items • Kettles • Toasters • Lamps • Irons• Vacuum Cleaners • Radios • DVD Player • Microwaves • Music Systems

Long Lasting Food Products • Tins & Jars of: Beans • Spaghetti • Soup • Vegetables • Meat • Fish • Cooking Sauces • Packets of Pasta • Rice • Cereal  • Porridge • Biscuits • Sugar • Tea Bags • Instant Coffee • UHT Milk

Please ensure donations are in good, reusable condition, in particular duvets and pillows, as Fresh Start is charged to dispose of these items that are unsuitable for onward distribution. 

Fresh Start is unable to accept or offer items of furniture
, however, we work in partnership with the Bethany Gateway Project, who can provide these items, and also accept donations of furniture. If you have just moved into your tenancy, ask your Housing Officer to complete their referral form here and send it directly to them. You can also apply for our Starter Packs using this form and sending it to the Gateway Project. If you have any questions about the Project, please contact them at 0131 561 8903