Donations Update

✨✨DONATIONS UPDATE - 25th January ✨✨

Due to current lockdown restrictions, we will be UNABLE TO ACCEPT DONATIONS. If you are able to hold on to the items, we will reopen for donations as soon as Scottish Government guidance permits.

Thanks for your understanding and support. If you are in the position to support us financially during this time, please visit our online 'virtual shop' to make a donation towards purchasing food for the Fresh Start Local Pantry, purchasing goods for starter packs, or contributing to our services. Many thanks and we hope we will be able to reopen our doors to you all soon.

Welcome to Fresh Start. If you’ve heard about us because you’ve recently moved into a new tenancy after being homeless, please get in touch with us to hear how we can help you.

We can provide support with decorating, a cooker, employment support, cooking classes and growing space volunteering – just call us on 0131 476 7741 or email for more information.