Posted May 14, 2021

Tam's Gardening Blog

Tam’s Gardening Blog

Today the 26th May 2021, we were 5 gardeners strong and our Co-Ordinator Adrienne. I, Tam, felt a bit green today out of my routine, what with missing last week. But swung into action with a wee weeding job on D3. No sooner had I started this when our 5 bags of topsoil delivery arrived much to our delight. The hydrolics worked a treat as it dumped them over our hedge from adjacent access road. We all then transferred topsoil by wheelbarrowing to raised beds in the workshop (now known as H beds) and polyester boxes for tomato planting. Our team of five fit gardeners on this job were, Simon, Jenny Adrienne, Emily and Tam. While the effervescent Neil picked out our Sweet Peas and Runner Beans on his wig-wam frames. Jenny, Tam, and Neil then planted Cavalo Nero,(Black Kale) on C3. Emily planted El Rosso lettuce and Iceberg lettuce and planted Sweet Peas in the with caned framed structure. We retired to teas courtesy of Tam, and biscuits were most welcome bites. I, Tam, then washed up and hit the road for long journey home as all the rest of team got their teeth into afore mentioned tasks to conclude our session. We were dry today in our weather conditions with the Sunshine making a rare appearances in and throughout our day.

We shall see you all next week as we resume our duties until then goodbye for now. Tam

Today at Craigmillar gardens 12th May 2021, we were a quartet of Anna, Neil, Tam, Simon & Adrienne our Co-Ordinator. Anna weeded out the strawberry patch then assisted Simon recycling soil from retro E1 bed into wheelbarrow, Simon had previously strimmed Beds B,C,D, among other strimmer jobs, Neil planted peas around his assembled wig-wam. Adrienne tied netting around the strawberry patch. Tam pulled up the leaks ,chopped and washed them for our Food Pantry. We then retired to refreshments courtesy of Tam with Jaffa Cakes, time left was 15mins and I, Tam, made my quick getaway, the dedicated rest went back to wean out the rest of the duration. I, Tam, washed up and headed home. Our rockery is looking good and produce planted is all doing well as Spring comes into full bloom, we are all excited by the birdlife at our grounds, Bullfinch, Bluetits, Robin Song Thrush, Longtits and Blackbirds, Wood Pigeon have all been spotted by us keen Twitchers. We congratulate Ellie on her new job in London and will miss her hard work and cheerfulness. We missed Jenny and Stuart whom we hope to see again soon. See you all next week your resident blogger Tam.

Today at Craigmillar Gardens 5th May 2021, we might have been small in bodies, but not effort as Jenny carefully propagated the runner and broad beans. Tam & Neil loam prepared, bed C4. Neil then loam prepared E2 for beetroot planting in next weeks’ session. Tam strimmed blue bathtub beds A2,A2,A3, plus E1,E2 beds. Neil then picked out peas, ever mindful of his Qs on bed C3,as Tam introduced the broad beans with coffee fertilizer. Adrienne today met with Castle Rock housing representatives with a proposal to build 2 or 3 extra raised beds, with a hefty yes from the reps. She then did her brilliant best as she composed in the background co- ordinating our grounds to get the best of it. I, Tam, then rustled up some beverages with biscuits, chocs, and Jenny’s gluten free cookies. Neil watered every bed he loam prepared before knocking off, as the others beavered around and headed off for early starts to journeys home etc. We missed those not present and hope god willing will see you all again at 12th May session. Au- revoir folks until we have joy to do it all again. Weather was kind until a burst of hailstones at days end had us running for shelter. THANKS, YOUR BLOGGER TAM

Hi team Craigmillar gardeners. Today the 28th April 2021 we were five strong as we took full advantage of ease off of covid restrictions. Adriene, Anna and Ellie put hard graft into transferring soil from damaged raised bed to a new raised bed. Tam mowed the back lawn whilst Simon Strimmed it. Stuart watered all plot life, and after our efforts on lawn Tam and Simon transferred rocks from middle of our grounds to raised bed in workshop vicinity. We then transferred turf to raised bed again in workshop vicinity. I, Tam, made teas for group and we had delicious selection of biscuits and cakes. I, Tam, made an exit 10 mins from the end of session to get early start in what is a long public transport jaunt. We enjoyed one another today. We missed those not present today and God willing we will see you all next week. The Sun was dappled today and turnip and broad beans are coming up nicely with some potatoes coming through to. I'll say bye for now and see you all next week.

Today at Craigmillar Garden, 21st of April we were a team of four avengers, Stuart, Ellie, Jenny & Tam, with our chargehand Adriene to the fore. Stuart pottered about in the Polytunnel ,he also keenly weeded ,watered, Tam weeded out the blueberry, redcurrant bushes, apple trees. Jenny, Ellie and Adrienne had the unenviable tasks of weeding out the strawberry patch, very pernickety well done youse great team effort. We retired at 3.20pm for teas & cookies courtesy of Jenny. I, Tam, came away fifteen minutes premature as I pace myself having just had time off from KFC recently. The others plodded on regardless great examples are always a joy to see. My last until May the 5th in session but with restrictions eased again may well put in an appearance next week as we can now accommodate six now. Well, I’ll wish you all a nice rest from your labours of love and god willing see you all next week, your blogger Tam.