Posted July 17, 2014

Northamptonshire Reuse Charity donates to Fresh Start

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We were delighted to receive two pallets of crockery and cutlery as a donation this week. The Phoenix Resource Centre are an environmental charity based in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire who promote reuse and recycling, and they had a surplus of cutlery and crockery that they chose to give to Fresh Start for our Starter Packs.

Supporters of Fresh Start will know that we regularly have to ask for extra donations of crockery and cutlery, as demand for our crockery Starter Packs is so high. Recently we have been very short of these items and so the boost from the Phoenix Resource Centre’s donation is a fantastic help to us. It will help keep our crockery Starter Packs going for a long time and ensure people moving into their new homes have the means to be able to eat.

The Phoenix Resource Centre’s motto is “turning waste things into play things” and they collect reusable waste, surplus stock and end of line goods from industry and local businesses, which is then offered for free to members for various purposes. They have lots of schools, playgroups, art and theatre groups, church groups, people organising events who make great use of the things they have to offer. You can find out about their work here – .

Here are the pictures of the donation. Thank you so much!

photo 1 photo 2

photo 3