Posted April 29, 2014

Day 2 - Kyle's Story

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Here is the second of our week of stories about our clients, Kyle’s story.

When Kyle came to Fresh Start he was in the process of rebuilding his life.

Kyle had been happily married, living in his own house and working every day. But this all came crashing down around him when he found out his wife was having an affair. The news devastated him. He struggled with stress and anxiety as he tried to cope with what had happened. Because of this he lost his job and he was scraping by, struggling to make payments on his flat. He had hit rock bottom.

Kyle knew he had to pay his rent or he would be evicted so he needed money fast. Growing up he had been involved with hard drugs and he still had some contacts. He knew if he made drugs and dealt them then he could make money fast: he felt he had no option. His plan was short lived though as he was soon arrested and sent to prison for 18 months.

While in prison Kyle realised he needed to make some serious life changes. He wanted to get his life back on track and take control. When he left prison he went into homeless accommodation and began to bid for his own flat.

After being given a council flat he moved in and was referred to Fresh Start. The Hit Squad volunteers helped Kyle paint his bedroom and living room, the ceilings were also freshened up and the woodwork glossed. It began to look like a home.

Kyle said: “The volunteers were so hard working and really friendly. I felt comfortable with them being there and I can’t believe how much work they put in. I feel 100% more settled in the flat and I’m now looking forward to getting on with my life. It has made such a difference knowing I can go home and relax in a nice flat.”