Starter Packs


Starter Packs

Imagine being homeless and losing all of your possessions.  You could be sleeping on a friend’s sofa, living in a hostel, or on the streets.  You’ve not only lost your material possessions, but any hope for the future.  Then you are offered the tenancy of a flat, a glimmer of hope, an opportunity to start again.  But you have nothing – no pots & pans, no cutlery, no bedding, no towels – the list seems endless.  Where do you begin?

Fresh Start can help by providing our Starter Packs, basic essential household goods to help set up and sustain your new home.  There are ten Packs in total, and they contain:

Cleaning products; crockery and cutlery; curtains; food; pots; kitchen utensils; single or double bedding; small electrical appliances; toiletries and towels

If you can donate to our Starter Pack Service - here is a list of items we need  Starter Pack items leaflet.pdf

If you have just moved in to a new tenancy, our Starter Packs of everyday household goods might help, please ask your Housing Officer to contact Bethany Gateway on 0131 561 8903

To learn more about this work, please view our short film here.