Posted April 21, 2016

Fresh Start's Jump Start

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Aga Newsome, Fresh Start's Employability Training Co-ordinator, brings everyone up to date with the exciting developments happening within Fresh Start's Training Initiative:

'Fresh Start has a long history of supporting people into employment – and we continue to do so, although the way we do it has changed a little bit. 

Last year Fresh Start became a SQA accredited centre – this means that we are now able to deliver accredited courses to our clients! 

In August 2015 we ran our first SQA Personal Development Award called Jump Start.  This is a 12 week programme, and it gives clients the opportunity to gain practical skills and experience to help them on their journey towards gaining employment.  A journey in finding work can be lonely and a lot of hard work!  Attending a course that helps people, not only realise their strengths, but also build networks, can go a long way to combat these two issues.  Going forward, we will also be offering a whole lot more 1:1 support, tackling job applications and preparing for interviews.

It has been an action packed last few months with group projects taking place as well as clients learning how to do PAT testing and making up starter packs. We are so pleased to say that since August 2015, 12 individuals have achieved their SQA Personal Development Award.  Everyone worked so hard and we are so proud of their achievements.

Some projects that took place over the last few months included making window boxes out of pallets, making draught excluders and also creating a presentation about Jump Start.  All of these projects gave the groups an opportunity to plan their project, work as a team and practice their communication skills.

We are in the process of creating a space in the warehouse at Ferry Road Drive to be the new home for our workshops and training sessions.  I am so excited about this, as it really brings the training into the heart of Fresh Start, allowing trainees, staff and volunteers to get to know each other so much better!  The space will be equipped with computers to give the trainees the opportunity to search and apply for jobs, with the support of the Training Initiative team.

We look forward to a very busy programme over the next few months – with more people completing the programme and gaining work experience too.  We will be posting updates on Facebook and the website if you want to know more.  Thank you for your support'.