Posted January 15, 2015

Scott-Moncrieff lights up Christmas for local families

Imagine your child thinking that the reason they didn’t get any presents on Christmas Day was because they hadn’t been good enough for Santa to visit? It’s a line children will constantly hear in the run-up to Christmas but for some, no presents on Christmas Day is a reality. We work with many families who have experienced extremely difficult situations – homelessness, physical and mental health issues, domestic abuse – and all are living off very low incomes. Money can’t stretch to Christmas presents, when every day is a struggle to make ends meet.

We want to help parents ensure their children have the same experience as everyone else and a special day, without getting into debt. So we were delighted once again to have the support of accountancy firm Scott-Moncrieff once again for our special Christmas present campaign. Following the success of last year, both Fresh Start and Scott-Moncrieff wanted to make our Christmas present appeal bigger and better this year!

Staff in their Edinburgh and Glasgow offices showed their enormous generosity once again by buying Christmas presents for the children of local families. The presents were bought for specific children to ensure they were just right for the child’s age and interest, and accompanied by wrapping paper and tape. This allowed the children’s parents to take part and wrap their child’s present for them.

We were able to give gifts to 15 children of the mums who attend our Young Mums cooking class in Muirhouse, as well as once again teaming up with Home Link Family Support to get presents to 55 of the children in families they work with. The presents were fantastic and the feedback showed how much it meant to the families:

Cheers so much for the bairn’s gifts. We couldn’t get anything for her because we had to move house quickly. So it’s great the bairn will have something to open. Cheers again.”

“We feel honoured to be given the presents – we are very thankful for them.”

“Thank you very much. It has made Christmas a whole lot easier.”

We are so grateful for the kindness of staff at Scott-Moncrieff – they have made a real difference to the lives of 70 local children at Christmas.

We look forward to working with Scott-Moncrieff this year and will be welcoming some volunteers to take part in a Hit Squad in February!

Scott moncrieff staff with presents and van

Jenny from Fresh Start with the Scott-Moncrieff team loading the van with presents!

Scott-Moncrieff Xmas presents 1

Presents in the Fresh Start warehouse

Homelink staff 2014 xmas presents

Home Link staff with the presents!

Homelink staff 2014 xmas presents 2

A room full of presents ready to be delivered to families

20141208_131931[1]Muirhouse Young Mums cooking class, delighted with the presents for their children!