Posted August 21, 2014

Cooking Class Recipe - Chicken Fajitas

Some tasty chicken fajitas made by the cooking class last week - here's the recipes!


- 2 chicken breasts (boneless and without skin) -  £1.50

- 1 tablespoon olive or vegetable oil - 5p

- 1 green or red pepper - 60p

- 1 onion - 15p

- ¼ of cucumber - 15p

- 2 tablespoons crème fraiche - 20p

- Grated cheese white cheddar cheese - 50p

- Flour tortillas - 50p

How to make:

1.Cut chicken into strips and fry in the heated oil.

2. Chop the pepper and onion into strips, sauté in the same pan once the chicken has turned a white colour. Leave to fry until the chicken is cooked thoroughly and the pepper and onions are cooked.

3. Chop up the cucumber, either into slices or chunks. Grate the cheese in a separate bowl. Warm the tortillas for 30 seconds in a microwave.

4. Spread the crème fraîche/ on the tortillas, one tablespoon per tortilla. Add the grated cheese and cucumber.

5. Serve the chicken, peppers and onions onto the tortilla and wrap.