Posted June 3, 2014

Nominate us for the Sainsbury's Blackhall local charity of the year

Sainsbury’s Blackhall, at the Craigleith Retail Park, are looking for their new chosen charity for the year. Could you help by nominating us?

It’s very easy to do – go to and find the Blackhall store – type Fresh Start’s postcode of EH4 4BR and it will come up.

Then type in Fresh Start’s name, our charity registration number (SCO29184) and our phone number (0131 476 7741). Then give your best reason for nominating us! They are looking for quality of nominations over quantity.

Alternatively if you are the Blackhall store, you can fill in a nomination form at the customer information desk!  Nominations must be in by SUNDAY 8TH JUNE 2014.

Thank you for your support – it would be such a fantastic opportunity for us!