Posted June 26, 2014

Cooking Class Recipe - Easy Cheesecake

Look at this gorgeous cheesecake made by our outreach cooking class in Muirhouse last week! And so simple to make too.



- 125gr digestive biscuit crumbs - £0.18

- 40gr butter melted - £0.16

- 250 gr full fat soft cheese - £0.75

- 397 gr condensed milk - £1.00

- 120 ml fresh lemon juice - £0.25

-  200 gr mixed summer fruits – straws/rasps/blackberries/redcurrants - £0.68 (frozen mixed summer fruits bag)

How to make:

1) Line the bottom of cake tin with a circle of greaseproof paper

2) Put the biscuits in a plastic food bag, seal and crush gently with rolling pin until you have fine crumbs

3) Put butter in a  small pan and melt gently, watching it does not burn

4) Combine biscuit crumb and melted butter in the pan and press into base of an 18cm loose bottomed cake tin. Chill in fridge whilst making the filling

5) Whisk the cheese and the condensed milk together until quite smooth

6) Measure and whisk in the lemon juice until well mixed

7) Pour over the prepared base and chill for at least an hour, preferably overnight

8) Carefully push the base up through the cake tin rim and slide onto a plate

9) When set, decorate with the summer fruits and dust with icing sugar