Posted April 28, 2014

Day 1 - Chris's Story

We are sharing stories about the people we have helped at Fresh Start, and the difference that has been made in their lives. Today we have Chris’s story.


It should have been the most exciting time of their lives. Chris and his wife were delighted when they found out they were expecting their first child. They knew it would be difficult though as they were living with his family in an already crowded house.


During the summer, Chris began to feel unwell and visited his GP. He was told he was fine but he was left unconvinced. Chris decided to get a second opinion to put his mind at rest. The doctor diagnosed him with the shattering news it was cancer.


Chris was devastated. The news was heart breaking for him and his family. Trying to come to terms with his diagnosis, Chris and his wife received another blow. His mum received a letter stating that she would be evicted unless she reduced the number of people living in her house.


Chris and his wife had to move out the house and find somewhere to live. They moved into a temporary flat and were put on the waiting list for a council house. Chris was doing all of this while undergoing treatment for his cancer and helping to look after his beautiful new baby.


Eventually they were successful in their bid for a house but it needed a great deal of work before they could move in. This would prove very difficult with Chris’s health, and a young baby to look after. Chris was referred to Fresh Start and the Hit Squad volunteers helped to paint his kitchen and living room.


Chris also received several starter packs, which included a kettle, toaster and microwave. This meant they could do the most basic but essential of things - heat up their baby’s bottle.


Chris said: “The Fresh Start volunteers were so kind and understanding. I really appreciated all their help and I can’t believe what a difference they have made to my flat. They have helped turn the place from just a flat to a home that I can enjoy with my family.”


He added: “It has been a very hard couple of years for my wife and I, but we are finally feeling settled. Being given the essentials such as a kettle and microwave really helped us get started – making sure we can at least have some hot meals.”