Posted January 14, 2014

Scott-Moncrieff help to give local families a bright Christmas

Fresh Start is extremely grateful to staff at accountancy firm Scott-Moncrieff for their generous support of a special Christmas campaign.

Scott-Moncrieff have supported Fresh Start extensively over the last few years, and in 2013 launched a charity scheme where all employees were entitled to volunteer for one day. This saw six staff members taking part in a Hit Squad in February, and lots of charities in Edinburgh and Glasgow benefited from their help.

To round off the year Scott-Moncrieff decided to take part in a Christmas project arranged by Fresh Start, where staff members would buy a Christmas present for a local child, along with wrapping paper and tape so that the parents could wrap their child’s present for them.

Fresh Start teamed up with local organisation Home Link Family Support, who provide services for families with children who are experiencing difficulties. They gave us about names of 60 children they were working with, and we also had 10 children of families who had received Hit Squads on the list. The children all live in families with very challenging situations, and for all they are struggling on a low income. At a time of year when every parent wants their child to have as magical a Christmas as possible, the aim was to help this happen, without them having to go down the dangerous route of debt.

At Fresh Start we were absolutely blown away by the support from the Edinburgh and Glasgow teams at Scott-Moncrieff. Every single child had a present bought for them, and the care and thought that had gone into each present was very clear.

Some of the parents of children who received presents gave some feedback for the big-hearted staff at Scott-Moncrieff. Here are some comments below:

“I can’t believe it. I didn’t have anything at all so this has taken the pressure off. Thanks again – might be able to sleep tonight. Thank you so much.”

“Thank you for the gifts. It has made such a difference. I had nothing for my kids – now I can relax and know they will wake up on Christmas to a gift.”

 “Thanks for the gifts, I hadn’t started yet and was worried because I’ve no money. So knowing I’ve now got something has helped me loads – at least the kids will now have something to open. Thanks a bunch – and Merry Christmas.”

Here are some of the staff from Scott-Moncrieff with the wonderful presents that went out to the families:

Scott Moncrieff staff

The staff at Home Link were delighted at the generosity and couldn’t wait to play Santa and deliver them to families:

homelink staff with presents

A huge thank you to all the staff at Scott-Moncrieff – you have made a very big difference to the lives of local families at Christmas time!

Here are some more comments from parents -

“Brilliant – he will be over the moon with them. He loves cars and garages.  I was just thinking that I needed to get a large play mat for him – and there it is. Is the paper for me too – that’s lovely.  I will wrap them for him and put them under the tree when we put it up,.  Thank you so much.” 

“Thank you for this (and all the support that Home Link has given us). This will make things so much easier for us – it really takes some of the pressure off.” 

“She was so pleased to see the gifts – it was a nice surprise for us and we really appreciate your kind gesture, thank you.” 

“Thank you so, so much. It’s so kind and a big help. My eldest had been asking for lots of things – which we just can’t afford.” 

“Massive thank you - totally unexpected. Had me in tears with shock and kindness. Didn’t expect it at all – it was a complete surprise. I didn’t think I deserved it. I’d been feeling like that no one has cared recently such as friends, family with selfishness – so to actually think there is actually people out there that can care for me and other families in need has made me realise how caring, wonderful and nice amazing people there are out there.  For which I’m very, very grateful and thank you so much – it will make it extra special for me and my wee boy on Christmas Day. Thank you from the bottom of my heart – it was nice to cry happy tears for once. I can’t wait to open them and see my wee boy’s face. Merry Christmas and I hope you all have a wonderful time. Thanks again from the bottom of my heart.”

“Many thanks for the Christmas gifts – they are greatly appreciated. Thanks also for the wrapping paper and Sellotape: it was very thoughtful.”