Posted July 15, 2013

Volunteers go that extra mile

We wanted to share with you the difference our volunteers make to the lives of our clients.

Recently we carried out a ‘Hit Squad’ at a family’s house. We painted and decorated the couple’s room and that of their 8-month old son. His room was to be painted blue and red to match the overall theme of a well-known cartoon mouse.

One of our volunteer’s Maggie Glen painted both days and after chatting with the client, she offered to paint the character on a bit of lining paper to go on the wall.

Sadly, they decorating squad ran out of time - but Maggie was true to her word and next day came in with a huge drawing of the cartoon character, which we delivered to the delighted young boy.

Our thanks to Maggie and all the others involved in the Hit Squad service for going the extra distance and making it such a special experience for our clients and their families.