Posted July 30, 2013

More than just a decorating service

Category Hit Squad

Every year, we provide over 120 clients with support to decorate their home, through our ‘Hit Squad’ service.

But it’s more than just a decorating service: the work of our staff and volunteer not only brings fresh life to client’s new tenancies but it also help combat vulnerability and isolation.

We had some feedback from a young client last week which we wanted to share with you.

“From the beginning, staff and volunteers were so supportive and welcoming. It was my best experience from any charity so far! I definitely feel comfort, relaxed, stress-free after my home decoration was done. Their work motivates me to carry out more decoration.

He went onto say that the decoration “wouldn’t have happened at all without the outstanding services provided by Fresh Start. I recommend Fresh Start highly in the future. My best regards and heartfelt thanks to the staff and volunteers for all wonderful service, equipment and decoration work! All were ‘lifeline’ to start my new house, my new life – in a fresh way.”